Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council

Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council

Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council

Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation

Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation


Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council Promote Holistic Mixed Martial arts Values within the communities in a global capacity and invite everyone who believe in martial arts benefits for all fitness levels and Ages.

Mental and Physical Fitness. Stress release, Self Confidence, Self defense, and Mind Body Coordination are just some parts of the benefits which can help every human being no matter where you are or what level of fitness you have.

Children and Youth are on their way to start making directions in their lives and constantly working to add more positive attitude and mental strength values  into their day to day growth. Staying focus while having a happy life with full of learning and social activities are both parents and children vision, and to make it happen we all need education on this path on how to create such a desirable living.

Parents constantly support their children to pick at least two or three sports for their children mental and physical fitness activities like Basketball, football, martial arts all the time. Well! we believe all the Team Sports and individual sports extend many benefits to our children but when it comes to martial arts, It raises some concerns and questions about differences on different styles such as (Kickboxing, taekwondo, Karate, MMA, Mixed martial arts, self defense) and the most common questions are:


Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation

Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation

A- How safe they are       B- What are the values      C- How much do they cost     D- What are the classes schedule

Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council

A- Our Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation Council headquarters, instructors and some school owners answer the above questions almost the same. Safety is usually from the type of training , instructors education, experience and how do they manage their dojo and classes. How the technical routines and exercises are done in classes. We strongly believe Instructors must become educated on Kinesiology and school business management such, computerization (being precise and fare on members graduations and progress checks),  teaching and supervising Members technical abilities and grading promotions so their students become motivated on courses continuation.

B- The most important values are for both members and parents education on these sports are Mental and physical fitness as number one choice in general exercises, Then follow with confidence, leadership, stress release, self control and multi tasking abilities.

Martial arts schools rating

level C schools Most traditional operated martial arts schools have to pay substantial monthly payment for the location with all the related costs, including advertising and instructors wage in order to keep the school providing continued services. If the schools have less than 100 members, then obviously they have challenges to keep the quality  high and paying the associated costs to be able to survive, As a result school owners either need to increase the costs of membership to balance the economy inflation or cut down the operation costs which might affect the school growth.

Level C schools Challenges Instructors in these group might get tired after some without a proper managing system and this falls into quitting. If  these owner operator instructors come in the operation with great passion for period of time they work well, But if they become tired for long hours working without having quality substitute instructors they can enter into losing energy and eventually this affect the service. Instructors constant technical updates themselves for greater growth in the quality of instruction.

Level B schools There are some schools running on a family business and they try to keep the costs down and work hard on the continued professional instruction and service, These schools have better management capabilities and operating for longer time. the most challenge on these schools are as follows:

Level B Schools Challenges  The questions we need to answer are as follow:

1-Do these schools have proper managing system? And how much the owners have business knowledge in order to manage the costs and benefit in long term operation.

2-Do they have proper instructor courses and improvement. Marketing and social presence.

3- Are the instructors passionate about their job?

4- Do the managers have good care about school organization as a regular base.

Level A Schools are basically about perfection! School facility, Lighting, cleanliness, design, Equipment, Changing rooms, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, Instructor’s qualifications and education, customer service, School management software and system, Flexible schedule, social presence and Marketing.

Level A School Challenges once these type of schools change instructors and programs there might be some associated risks on the number of their members, Keeping the quality of services high will increase students expectations to higher level operation and create habits, to keep every member %100 happy sometimes might be stressful for school owners when there is a change in their Human resources.

Most instructional schools are built based on members and instructors relationship and as soon as instructors quit, move or change job some members might lose their passion and motivation.

Sport Kickboxing Federation Council Recommendation is, whenever you are looking for a high quality martial arts school, Avoid limiting yourself to distance. Members need to check everything about the school, instructors , style of martial arts and facility, and it could be the best to try a couple of classes to get a feel of the dojo and their operation.

Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation

Master Farhad Dordar Vancouver Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation






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