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Vancouver Kickboxing the home of SKF style and system is successfully proven to help our members achieve their greatest mental, physical and emotional well-being. From our 43 years of experience and research throughout the world, we have developed a unique style of martial arts that meets everybody’s needs.

SKF combines important elements of modern martial arts and fitness training systems, alongside the traditional values of Eastern philosophy. It combines the martial arts of self defence, forms, counter strike and weapons training, which creates a complete matrix like structure for our development at all levels. The important incorporation of the 12 Step program is the most effective path to establish habits of a consistent healthy life style. It is a powerful catalyst to positive and lasting growth in our members at any age and degree of martial arts holistic fitness. We are then enabled to achieve all that we place our attention upon.

The Belt ranking system has 12 levels to advanced Black Belt, with a 4 stripe grade advancement between each level. This gradual climb profile is the ideal strategy for the encouragement and motivation needed to stick with the goal and progress to greater and greater inner and outer strengths. The life style change is key to moving through this program with enthusiasm and love. Our martial arts style is the most important tool of SKF success in supporting our members to grow.

SKF Cardio Kickboxing program

Both women and men enjoy the diversity of the moves within the various types of exercise which include target, bag, weights, conditioning, and skipping rope. Circuit training exercise throughout each station is one of the most popular training systems at any Sport Kickboxing, SKF class. These SKF kickboxing classes, in Vancouver British Columbia, LA California, and European schools have the highest number of membership lists in the last few years, and they are growing at a rapid rate because SKF Kickboxing delivers the most efficient all-body, mind & spirit exercise regimen.

We realize many people look at martial arts as a great way to get or stay in shape because of the values in core training and flexibility, so we have designed our kickboxing classes to help you get the maximum benefit from your training. Our classes are designed to focus on all aspects of physical fitness such as:

• Muscular Endurance and Strength

• Weight Management

• Sport kickboxing will also help students to increase their mental power & focus, and reduce stress.


What Are the Benefits of Martial Arts to Children, Youth, and Adults?

Sport Kickboxing is a unique sport for Men, Women and Children at any fitness level. It offers people a complete lifestyle program, which is why we think Sport kickboxing is for anyone at any age and any fitness level. It helps life by helping improve your physical and mental ability, giving you perseverance, aiding healthy thoughts and opening to the innate intelligence that is the oil that greases all your goals in life.

There are many other benefits to Sport Kickboxing such as

• Mental and physical fitness
• Stress relief

• Self defense
• Self esteem

• Discipline
• Confidence


The benefits of martial arts and kickboxing training encompass all aspects of people’s lives and some of these effects last a lifetime. Keep in mind that children and youths are the future of our society, and if we are serious about giving them a chance to become confident and productive members in life, we must offer all the necessary tools. Martial Arts help children to be inspired and train them to have a positive attitude.

Martial Arts provides these important elements:

• Focus

• Respect

• Self-discipline

• Self-esteem

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