Sport Kickboxing Federation SKF News and Media

Sport Kickboxing Federation SKF News and Media

SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation offers it’s members services like latest martial arts research on health and fitness, Tournament rules and policies, Instructors certification programs, Sport Kickboxing Business management courses about SKF representation, school management and software.

SKF has been always updating it’s organization and training systems based on world latest fitness science and researches.

Sport Kickboxing Federation is active in almost 58 countries and our latest activity starting In Dubai united Arab Emarate.

SKF is representing in Iran by Rahian e Zehn e Bartar Company ( Iran Perfect Mind Way Company), our president is Dr Hossein Molhem who has a 35 years being member of our organization and a board member of Alborz Azad University.

SKF recently appointed Grand Master Abdel salam Yassine 9th degree from Lebanon as the head of Western Asia Technical Committee at Akar SKF Martial arts Academy.