Reasons To Join SKF


It is more than an Exercise

It’s a commitment and fostering to health. A promise to live better. A new found motivation to set a goal and reach for it every day. You’ve got the desire and the will to get there. We’ve got a few reasons for you to get started today.


Meet members with the same desire as yours

There are Tens of thousands of members are using SKF training system around the globe and they are in all ages, fitness levels, shapes, sizes and goal types and they achieve results. SKF martial arts Academy is more than four walls filled with mats and equipment. It’s a community of people who share a common belief of — anything is possible and We Can Do It.


Experience is a key point

At SKF, instructors go through multiple stages for certification within our most advanced training curriculum that fully incorporates safe exercise, injury prevention courses in practices, and produces the professionalism we are known for.


Right program and schedule for you

At SKF martial arts academies we cater to your individual needs. In addition to our regular program, we offer a large selection of specialty exercises like a sparring only class, cardio kickboxing, boxing, stretch, real self defense and special needs members classes. We’re open 7 days/week which means students can always find a time to fit in their training. Our adult only program offers a modified curriculum so students can train with their peers and learn techniques at their own pace. Finally, our graduation ceremonies allow students to progress at their own level and achieve recognize their level of knowledge and experience .


We have 38 years Experience to support you

We know that sometimes students need a little push. At SKF Martial arts Academy we have over 38 years of experience in motivating children, youth and adults through a variety of obstacles. Our certified and experienced instructors are eager to help you achieve all of your personal fitness goals.


SKF martial artsis a perfect style design by Educated and Experienced Masters

The SKF style and system is successful in helping our members achieve their optimal mental and physical well-being. We have developed a unique style of martial arts that meets everybody’s needs over our 38 years of experience. Sport Kickboxing style combines most effective of several a few types of martial arts to make the values of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).


SKF martial arts training system and Safety

Students in every sport are expected to follow warm up and stretching properly . If members of any sport are not guided in this, including the very important cool down period, they have a much greater risk of getting injured. SKF martial arts programs, such as 12 Round kickboxing Fitness for health. SKF is the only mma with 12 belt system grading based on short and long term goals and plans and achievement.



SKF kids martial arts training give your child a chance to practice martial arts in a fun and exciting program that he/she will never forget! The main benefits are:

A-Academic – 95% improvement
B-Concentration – 97% improvement
C- Self-esteem – 87% improvement

1. Confidence in themselves
2. Discipline (in school, with friends and around your family)
3. Focus (their new focus will carry over in school and sports)
4. Endurance and strength (in shape kids have more energy and a happy demeanor)
5. Respect (respecting themselves and others to create Leadership Value)