Martial arts Boxing Wrestling members stay younger

Martial arts Kickboxing Wrestling members stay younger


Martial arts Kickboxing Wrestling members stay younger. Boxing-bags and hand-targets are two of the best ways to release mental tension and relieve stress. Why? Because it is fun and it puts you in control. Scapegoating is referenced as early as the 24th century BC, and we feel that boxing-bags make great scapegoats for your stress-related problems. The other great thing about bag training in a dojo is that if you feel like yelling at the bag, you will likely blend in. Try to keep your vocabulary limited to “Kiai!” and “Hiyah!” though.

There are side-effects to bag-training and target-training??

In an effort to clear our conscience, we have decided to admit to some side-effects of bag-training which some of you may have been exposed to while in the Sport Kickboxing Academy. Bag-training as a repetitive workout will cause you to sweat, gain cardio and burn fat.

It gets worse… Fat is a common place for toxins to become ‘stored’ or ‘trapped’, so by burning the fat, you are releasing these toxins so they can be filtered and excreted out of your body. Sorry we didn’t tell you sooner. If you want your toxins back, there are plenty of places to buy junk-food and plenty of sofas to help you make room for storing them.

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Allow us to redeem ourselves by explaining these benefits:

Our martial arts program helps you gain confidence by teaching you the empowering skill of self-defense. The confidence you build is a mental facet which can be applied to any project in your stress and toxin free life. Another of the top secret chemical changes caused by doing Sport Kickboxing (which makes us feel like pro-scientists) is that the physical activity causes you to generate collagen which freshens and tightens up your skin. The flexibility and conditioning needed in this sport will help you get stronger muscles and burn the fat around them. You will look younger and once you get in shape, body and mind, you can live longer and happier.

By trying one week free training at Sport Kickboxing Academies, you will discover your true passion for achievement.



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