SKF Founder

Meet the World Sport Kickboxing Federation Founder

World Sport Kickboxing Federation Founder Master Farhad Dordar has been on an amazing journey since he was twelve, His belief that each moment of our lives is a new beginning has allowed him to create a unique approach to all his endeavours. Farhad Dordar is deeply involved in Fitness and the Martial Arts business and this has resulted in his confident personality that he loves to share with his followers all around the world. At the age of sixteen he was teaching Fitness and Martial Arts classes,and forty years later he has a whole Federation of students who have benefitted from his profound knowledge. He believes there is always risk attached to anything we do, but this never daunts the mind of a person dedicated to bringing the best out of people, since without taking risks the chances of success are slight.

World Sport Kickboxing Federation Founder Master Dordar believes that there is a place in our lives where the inner champion is always ready to emerge. Considering how frequently we encounter obstacles that require self-discipline, self-confidence, courage, knowledge, integrity, and will-power, it is a process of challenges.

After years of training in 7 different styles of Karate, Boxing, Judo, & Taekwondo he has established a unique martial arts training system called, Sport Kickboxing SKF system, in which thousands of students are training worldwide.

World Sport Kickboxing Federation Founder Master Farhad Dordar as studied Business and continuously focuses on Martial Arts enterprise at business level. He is a Speaker & Author with many articles and books regarding Professional School Management systems, and Instructor Certification programs at university level. Master Farhad Dordar is a North American champion in Sport Karate and Kickboxing with participation in over 250 tournaments around the world. His main base is in the city of Vancouver, Canada and Tehran, Iran. Thousands of members from around the world follow his wisdom as one of the most well known martial arts teachers, who has also acted in movies alongside Steven Seagal, and Michael Dudikuff. He runs many workshops in the world for instructor development, Martial Arts School management, and on how to promote and run tournaments.


Master Dordar’s unique teaching style of Children’s martial arts classes, Women’s kickboxing programs, Kickboxing Fitness classes in Vancouver, BC CANADA, and Tehran, IRAN made him into the very successful Chief Instructor of the SKF Organization.