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Fun & Engaging Classes

Sport Kickboxing

Sport Kickboxing

The Sports Kickboxing program focuses on many different aspects of Kickboxing and Martial Arts. Students will release stress, as they strengthen mind and body in classes that are fun and challenging.



Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Childrens martial arts training systems at KFitness Clubs are designed by Sport Kickboxing Federation. These well organized martial arts program will strengthen your child’s body and mind.



Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

We have answered your prayers by taking everything you didn’t like about getting fit and turned it into a fun, action packed program that you’ll be congratulating yourself for the new body that you enjoyed earning.



Personal Training

Personal Training

Our martial arts personal trainers will gladly turn any desire to have a personal training session into a satisfaction-guaranteed martial arts experience with the most refined and taught-out Sport Kickboxing style.



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 Kickboxing MMA Mixed Martial Arts Vancouver Canada

Thank you for visiting for your information source on the martial arts, schools, instructor certification accreditation body, finding the right  classes and lessons for martial arts kickboxing, mma, Brazilian Jujitsu, SKF mixed martial arts, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Sport Kick boxing.

Sport Kickboxing is a modern Kickboxing with different classes of exercise categories for improving both mental and physical fitness of all Children, men and Women age groups. SKF creative extravaganza mixture of modern kickboxing including self defense, grappling, Aikido and ranking system,   can benefit the members of all fitness levels.

SKF modern Kickboxing training lessons are based on the 12 learning steps for beginner, Intermediate and advanced students. This ranking system helps the members to set short and long term goals in order to create a better healthy lifestyle for themselves. Once members pass  the beginner level can decide to go to the competitive world of MMA, mixed martial arts, in amateur levels  or just continue the regular training for both skill and fitness.

Sport Kickboxing Federation is a governing body of local, national and international tournaments for children, Youth and adult. Modern kickboxing is the most effective and engaging  training systemization for everyone who wish to have a safe and fun training regime.

Our organization base in Vancouver Canada and main school on 2674 West Broadway Kitsilano area. We have been serving thousands of enthusiastic members in the last 22 years and being the best martial arts school for many years made our SKF family to be proud of their life styles building.

Our recommendation to new members are taking some introductory lessons to find their desire and abilities in order to set high goals for their new lifestyle habits. There are many benefits of sport kickboxing style such as self confidence, stress release, leadership, effective engaging lessons  for weight loss and cardio.

Join us today! And as soon as you start training with us under the SKF association there will not be any regrets for your future and we would love to have you as part of our Global SKF Organization.

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