Vancouver CTV News Women self Defense Kfitness Academy

Vancouver CTV News Women self Defense Kfitness Academy

Vancouver CTV News Women self Defense Kfitness Academy. We here tragic news that women have been attacked in the streets, back alleys in the parking lots or quite streets once in a while and people get terrified by listening or watching these kind of scary news. Something i can share with women and families is that every person must be aware of their surroundings and just be prepared if we feel anything dangerous might gone happen.

Vancouver CTV News Women self Defense Kfitness Academy

Women, Men and children Kickboxing self defense classes Vancouver BC Canada

Being ready in situations that might happen or never happen to us is like how we are prepared by knowing some knowledge about hurricanes, earthquake, flooding etc. we might not face these incidents in life at all, but if something happens how do we deal with them? We always need to be prepared by learning some knowledge and practising them just to develop confidence for handling the situations.

Vancouver CTV News Women self Defense Kfitness Academy. When it come to a point that we get attacked by another human who is mentally uncontrolled and wants to make our lives in danger, We all must learn some basic or average self defense combinations, Vancouver and Surrey cities women have been experiencing attacks from random or planed attackers who are really crazy and they have no mercy to others. at Vancouver Kfitness we try to help girls, guys and seniors to learn special self defense programs along with some mma, and Sport kickboxing courses not only for mental and physical fitness but also for self personal protection.


We recommend every person no matter where you live, try to set some times for 2 or 3 times per week take some martial arts and self defense programs to get in the best mental and physical shape and developing self confidence for being able to defend your life, This life saving skill will open up a new way of life based on mental strength which has many other benefits add to our life style.




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