Kickboxing Classes in Vancouver

Sport Kickboxing Federation (SKF) Mission Statement

Our mission at SKF is to help you achieve excellence in physical and mental fitness through the teaching, regulation and practice of safe martial arts and self-defense techniques.

Shifting your focus

We feel that by showing you that there are active lifestyles which are engaging, fun and inspiring, that you will not live in a state of

struggle to get fit. Rather, by shifting your focus, the fitness will naturally follow as you enjoy learning martial arts. Join us and change your life style, Vancouver Kitsilano head quarters at 2674 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada.

Anyone can do it

With each age group comes a unique set of needs. Children require the kind of care that leads to a stronger future through character development.

Mature age groups require a safe method of exercise which maintains the strength of their youth for a healthy future. Our Martial arts program offers so many benefits that people of any age group with all fitness levels with their specific needs can find their life style engagement  with us.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced martial arts practitioner, you need to set goals and make plans with our professional instructors in order to make this happen.

Try our 2 sessions Introductory program

SKF – Sport Kickboxing in Vancouver

Inspired by many major forms of martial arts, we have created a highly effective, world-wide training system for people of all ages. We offer classes, workshops, seminars and certification programs in Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts. While general fitness is a common motive for a student’s initial involvement in the sport, our members quickly learn that they have discovered a unique and exciting experience. The conscientious innovations of our staff are continuously inspiring new and engaging lifestyle changes among our members. Here we understand the value of self-defense, so we do not just learn Sport Kickboxing, but become one with it.

What is SKF (Sport Kickboxing Federation)?

Womens and childrens fitness classes in Vancouver and Burnaby.We are a catalyst for change. Any adult or child seeking to discover their inner potential for mental and physical strength will find the opportunity in one of our beginner, intermediate or advanced level programs. One may choose to focus entirely on the non-competitive disciplines available in our training and allow the process to seamlessly integrate martial arts into a new and improved lifestyle. However, our optional competitions at local, national and international levels provide us with additional opportunities to confidently demonstrate our progress as martial artists and gain recognition for our abilities.

Sport Kickboxing for Adults and Children in Vancouver

We have special programs designed for children, youth and adults. The skills developed in SKF training sessions can help impact other aspects of your child’s life; Kickboxing can improve your child’s academic performance by up to 95%, their concentration by 97% and their self-esteem by 87% according to surveyed teachers and parents.

Mixed martial arts training and instruction in Vancouver and Burnaby.Our SKF training allows women to shape their body and learn self-defense. It helps you strengthen your legs and glut muscles, all while getting a great cardio exercise that will improve your weight-loss and self-confidence.

Lastly, it provides men with an amazing fat-burning, muscle-building workout that blends fitness with self-defense techniques. You will learn the basics of Kickboxing techniques and self-control, all while maintaining speed and power.

We believe our programs have been an invaluable experience for people of all age groups and fitness levels. Our members range from four years old to 75 years old because our members are comfortable in our programs, which are carefully designed for people of any age. Don’t forget the many benefits in our programs that can help you improve your skills too!

SKF for Martial Arts Instructors

The value in our programs is not exclusive to anyone. Even instructors, referees, school owners and tournament promoters around the world will find opportunities to learn and improve with us in one of our educational programs.

We offer complete services and knowledge in areas such as systemization and computerization. These administrative courses will help you develop the skills necessary to spread the positive influence of martial arts and expand your services to as many students as you see fit. Contact us and allow a member of our professional, qualified team to assist you in getting started. Simply let us know which country and city you reside in and we will do the rest!

Our SKF (Sport Kickboxing Federation) Submission Classes

Our SKF Fitness Program is offered to instructors who are interested in teaching kickboxing fitness classes. Based on the principles from SKF Bio-mechanics, exercise physiology and injury prevention, you can learn safe and effective routines that inspire dynamic fitness classes.

Our SKF Instructor Program teaches prospective Kickboxing instructors the basics of class-psychology, class-management, anatomy, warm-ups, stretching, assisting the instruction of a class and effective public speaking.

Results Kickboxing Fitness Training for Adult Women and Children

We will help you improve your self-confidence, discipline and self-control.
• Our training programs also assist you in stress-relief, weight-management, coordination and flexibility.
• Other benefits of our SKF training programs include improved mental and physical fitness, self-defense skills and charisma.
• Additionally, our programs will lead you to improved leadership skills, core strength and endurance.
• There are many schools teaching Master Farhad Dordar’s SKF training system worldwide, so wherever you are in the world you can access his teachings.

2 Responses to Home

  1. Filip Miszkiel says:

    hey, im really interested in kick boxing or any type or martial art. i have been playing soccer for about 12 years now and im about to turn 17 and i have always wanted to join kick boxing. and i was wondering how i should start all this? and is it a year long thing and so on, can you guys help me out? thank you

    • Sport Kickboxing Federation says:

      Hey, that’s good to hear. I bet you’ll have some good martial arts kicks after 12 years of soccer. The best way to get involved is to find the nearest location to where you live and contact them about an introductory program. The program will allow you to see the school, try some of our beginner techniques and ultimately decide if our school is right for you. I would like to provide you with the exact contact information for the nearest school, but unfortunately I don’t know where you are writing from. If you haven’t found the nearest school yet, then leave another comment with your general location (city, country) and we can see where the closest one is for you. Cheers.