Women Kickboxing Vancouver Canada


Women Kickboxing Vancouver Canada

Women Kickboxing and MMA classes

More than just another physical fitness regimen, Women Kickboxing and MMA classes in Vancouver Canada are a lifestyle change for any woman who wants to honour her body, mind and spirit. Kickboxing benefits women in so many ways: it strengthens and tones every muscle in the body; it provides a cardiovascular workout that boosts weight loss; it improves self-confidence; it helps remove inner emotional blockages as it opens up the lines of energy; most of all, it is really good fun amongst a group of women on the same path. In a nutshell, it is like no other workout.


The Sport Kickboxing Federation empowers female martial artists through inspired learning methods, professional and amature kickboxing and MMA  training in Vancouver Canada, and an organized ranking system. The SKF founders believe that women are the most important group of members who can develop values by practicing kickboxing, MMA and any martial arts style training.

Women Kickboxing Vancouver Canada

Women martial artist can become instructors to lead by example, and add to the power of the individual and group dynamic while becoming perfectly Fit and skillful. Lets hear the testimonials from our SKF KIckboxing, MMA  women students.




Women Kickboxing Vancouver Canada

One of the major goals in the SKF Kickboxing and MMA is to enhance the learning experience, professional recognition, and acknowledgement of female who practice’s kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). We do so by actively encouraging and promoting the women students in all over the world specially Vancouver Canada to achieve their black belts, and if they so desire, to become martial arts instructors themselves.

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Women Kickboxing Vancouver Canada

Regardless of your fitness level, you have a place in our schools. Kickboxing, MMA and martial arts classes in Vancouver Canada are very popular workouts for women and young girls. Come and experience for yourself that women already represent a significant portion of our membership. At SKF, women who choose MMA mixed martial arts will become professionally trained in every aspect, from self defense,conditioning, forms to weapons training. Our female students train with male counterparts who have the utmost respect and regard for women. The chance for women and men to train and to discuss martial arts technical matters together is a grand opportunity for both genders. At Vancouver Canada SKF head quarters and schools, women can expect to achieve their fitness goals and excellence in our programs.

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