Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts

Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts provides the highest quality of training

Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts training systems at KFitness schools are designed by SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation. these well organized step by step martial arts and mma programs include Karate defensive techniques, beginner, intermediate and advanced kicking with self defense give your child a chance to strengthen his or her body and mind.

Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts training gives your child a chance to practice martial arts in a fun and exciting program that he/she will never forget! The main benefits are:



Discipline in school, with friends and around your family



Build confidence in themselves



Their new focus will carry out in school and sport



In shape kids have more energy and a happy demeanor


Hear From Our Students

Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts


SKF structured Classes for Youth can create the foundation of positive and strong mental and physical values for our younger generation who will be carrying the responsibilities of our society. Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts program is the most character building as well as developing confidence and leadership abilities within our young members generation.


Some of our Best Youth members will be qualified to take the Instructor courses to become certified by Vancouver World Sport Kickboxing Federation for leading our children courses at our affiliated Franchised schools.




“Do not hesitate to invest in your children, for they will reinvest in you and your community” Master Farhad Dordar

Parental concern

If your child has never taken karate, mma, kickboxing before! you may be thinking to try one week of introductory classes.

Is youth MMA Kickboxing Martial arts training safe?

Yes. SKF kickboxing is a very safe activity. We do not engage children in full contact sparring or fighting. Your child will also take classes with students of the same relative age and skill level from beginner, intermediate and advance.

Values – We put exceptional value and attention on children for their physical health and mental strength, We also believe martial arts have the most important qualities for Youth, The leadership, self confidence, discipline, respect, improving focus are among those benefits that we wish for our loved ones.


Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts

Affordable Programs – All of our official SKF Academic and practical programs in private and group classes are depends on the type of the program and the number of classes attendance , length of the courses you take, and it could be 1,2,3 or 4 times per week and you choose our affordable pricing range which is starting from $89 per month.

Our program manager will be pleased to set up an affordable courses based on your budget and after finishing the two promotional  private sport kickboxing Introductory classes which is just $30, You will be qualifying in a entry level course for you or your child to engage into the SKF official group programs.

Promotions – You can also take advantage of our online limited monthly promotions to help you start right away.


Youth – Martial arts training systems at SKF Affiliated schools are designed by Sport Kickboxing Federation TM. These well organized 12 step by step martial arts programs which include Karate defensive techniques, fun Kickboxing provide your child an opportunity to strengthen his or her body and mind.

Vancouver Youth MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts exercise gives your child a chance to practice martial arts in a fun and exciting program that he/she will never forget!

Even more Benefits

SKF Youth Kickboxing and MMA Vancouver training benefits our youth in many ways, like self defense, leadership and self discipline. It gives them a chance to strengthen their body and mind. Our survey of teachers and parents shows great benefits of our programs for youth:

Academic 95%
Concentration 97%
Self-esteem 87%


Not sure yet?

As our youth mature, they will begin to invest significant amounts of energy in building character and seeking new ways to become adults. However, this process is not linear and like us they will require advice to make the right choices. Becoming an adult with a child’s attitude is not something we wish for our teenagers, so their transition into adulthood must be done with a positive regard for their futures as respectable adults. As many people mature they can become discouraged at the thought of inheriting additional responsibility, so they need to be in an environment where responsibilities and work-ethic are valued by their peers. Some also need to improve their attitudes and respect, and they must begin learning how to believe in themselves by improving their confidence and self-control. Our youth must also develop self-magnetism in order to build leadership qualities.

Not many sports can facilitate both individual and group determination without nurturing an unhealthy ego as successfully as martial-arts can. Focusing on setting goals and learning how to achieve them respectfully are among the many skills that they will learn in a martial-arts school. All of these skills are fundamental for our young leaders of tomorrow.

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