Martial Arts Extreme Black Belt Training Classes Vancouver Canada

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Martial Arts Extreme Black Belt Training Classes Vancouver Canada

The Martial Arts Extreme Black Belt Training Classes Vancouver Canada. Black Belt Member Program (BBM) is an exclusive program for individuals with a desire to optimize their mental and physical abilities and rise to a new level of fitness and martial arts knowledge. This program also has a greater focus on self-defence and fighting strategies.


BBM members learn to use different martial arts weapons in a safe environment. They also learn, how to defend themselves against these weapons. Through this advanced training, they become exceptional martial artists with unsurpassed knowledge that complements their skill and physical conditioning. Special Black Belt member classes are offered weekly to enable members to continue to hone their skills.

Martial Arts Vancouver Black Belt Member Program includes:

• Two classes per week focusing on Belt techniques
• One extra 60 minute class per week focusing on self-defense, advanced fighting strategies and conditioning, Martial arts Weapons practice
• Free access to the club for open training during designated times
• Full traditional black uniform


Program Enrollment:

At SKF affiliated schools, the cost of enrolling the programs is based not only on the type and length of the program and number of classes in the month, and every student needs. During the initial private introductory session, our program director will meet with you to conduct an assessment and to design a program that corresponds with your personal fitness goals and interests.

A number of flexible payment plans will be offered for your program enrollment and we will help you to find a suitable schedule for your training.

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